The Value of Education

As a teaching institution, the museum offers an educational research environment and serves as an extension of the classroom for students of all ages.

Staff and facilities will expand the quantity and variety of interpretive and research services currently provided to local and regional schools and colleges.

The Indian Dances held at the MAW site teach the visitors about the origin and meaning of each dance, as well as describing the costumes and how they are made.

In the summer of 2009, the Pioneer Summer School program was introduced. During the month of June, this program gives local school students from 1st to 6th grade the opportunity to experience the educational environment of the 1800’s. Students attend a one-room schoolhouse wearing period attire. They practice penmanship with quill pens, read from McGuffey readers, and learn about the important events of the time. Crafts, games, and music are also a part of the children’s day.

Each building’s exhibit is arranged to show how the pioneers lived after first settling in the Lander Valley.